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4 reasons to digitally manage your client’s alternative investments

  Over the past decade, digitisation has reshaped much of the financial services industry, yet in the tax-efficient and other alternative investments space, many advice firms have been reluctant to ...

30 April, 2020

People Behind the Product: Ewan Lloyd-Baker, Seismic Venture Partners

        Ewan Lloyd-Baker - Principal, Seismic Venture Partners Ewan is a serial entrepreneur having bought, founded, built up and subsequently exited several successful businesses across the ...

29 April, 2020

People Behind the Product: Matthew Steiner, Stellar Asset Management

        Matthew Steiner - Business Development Director, Stellar Asset Management Matthew has worked in the financial services industry since he graduated from Kingston University in 1997. He trained ...

8 April, 2020

People Behind the Product: Pippa Gawley, Zero Carbon Capital

        Pippa Gawley - Founder & Managing Director, Zero Carbon Capital Pippa spent the past several years investing in seed-stage cleantech companies in the US and UK. Before this, she worked in R&D ...

25 March, 2020

The EIS Funds still open for carry back

  To assist with your tax planning at this busy time of the year, we've created the below summary of the EIS funds which still have carry back facility to tax year 2018/2019. In addition to the ...

13 March, 2020

People Behind the Product: Steve Harris, Committed Capital

        Steve Harris - CEO, Committed Capital Steve has over 25 years of experience of technology investment. Prior Committed Capital, Steve's background spans across management consulting with PA ...

11 March, 2020

People Behind the Product: Sanjeev Gordhan, Newable

        Sanjeev Gordhan - Commercial Director, Newable Sanjeev previously worked as an adviser at a National Wealth Management Firm where he specialised in EIS and VCT investments whilst also ...

26 February, 2020

Upcoming Tranche Closes: Tax Year End Round Up

  With tax year end quickly approaching, we've rounded up the tranche close dates for a selection of key funds on our platform. To view all live investment opportunities or to access and digitally ...

24 February, 2020

People Behind the Product: David Scrivens, Amberside Capital

        David Scrivens - Co-Founder and Director, Amberside Capital David founded Amberside Capital with David Lomas. Prior to Amberside, David co-founded execution only brokerage firm Clubfinance in ...

19 February, 2020

Five questions to ask yourself before the end of the tax year

  As Benjamin Franklin famously observed in the 19th century: “Nothing can be said to be certain in this world, except death and taxes.”   More than 200 years later, Franklin’s words still hold true, ...

10 February, 2020

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